On Tuesday, March 12, twenty-six Pathway Students and their four sponsors headed to McComb, Illinois, for the ACE Prairie States Regional Convention.  Registration and Dress Code Check were the first things on the agenda.   At 6 PM they gathered in Brophy Hall for the first games of the basketball and volleyball team competitions.   Evening rally (an hour of singing, command performances and listening to an inspirational speaker) was the last event of the day before heading to the hotel to get some much needed sleep.

Competition in the areas of drama, music, academics and the arts started on Wednesday.  There were many entries and the competition was tough!  Pathway did well in their events.   The archery events were to start on Wednesday, but the wind was too strong,  so the competition was postponed until the next day.  The volleyball teams completed their competition with Pathway taking Second Place.   The day ended with singing, a challenge from the speaker, a recognition of the seniors and some command performances.

Thursday was a busy track day, due to archery being postponed the day before, as the running and field events were to also be run that afternoon.  The air was cool, but the spectators were there to cheer our students on.  The boys finished the basketball competition, winning their fourth game of the Convention and taking home first place!  The day ended with another inspirational rally.

Friday was  Award Day.  Ribbons are handed out.  Overall winners in each department are handed out.  Pathway came home having won Second Place in Academics, Athletics, Music and Exhibits (Art).

Congratulations, Pathway Students.   Next Convention is only 12 months away!