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This month, Pathway Christian School will perform the imaginative performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Director Alaynna Schwartz brings her unique personality and artistic imagination to Roald Dahl’s classic children’s story adapted for stage. Performances will be April 24th (play only) at 7:00 PM, April 25th and April 26th as a Dinner Theater Experience at 7:00 PM as well. Prices are $12.00 for adults/$8.00 for students for just the performance and $20.00/$12.00 for the Dinner Theater. Willy Wonka, played by Shane Graber, is the strangely secretive and passionate candyman behind the world’s most celebrated candy company. While the Wonka factory is notoriously closed to visitors, Wonka decides to give five lucky children a chance to see the inside of his operation by placing “golden tickets” in five randomly selected chocolate bars. Charlie Bucket played by Taylor Kemp, is lucky enough to obtain one of the tickets, and Charlie, escorted by his Grammie Jo played by Eleanor Headings, is in for the wildest ride of a lifetime as they tour the strange and remarkable world of Wonka with fellow winners, television-obsessed Mike Teavee (Brian Ropp), harsh and greedy Veruca Salt (Moria Slabaugh), gluttonous Augustus Gloop (Collin Schlabach), and ultra-competitive Violet Beauregarde (Rochelle Beachy). Over the course of the day, some of the children will learn difficult lessons about themselves, and one will go on to become Wonka’s new right hand. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory also stars Dustin Miller, Blake Schwartz, Zach Schwartz, Elizabeth O’Donnell, Megan McGaffey, Annette McGaffey, Sheryl Graber, Chris Yutzy, Racine Miller, and Haley Slabaugh.