Middle School Trip


Students from Pathway grades fourth through eighth took their well   earned first quarter honor roll field trip Thursday, Nov. 6.  They toured several local businesses – Farmer’s Electric Cooperative with their Eagle Point Solar Farm and Farmer’s Hen House.

After that, it was a trip to Dumont Museum in Sigourney which houses two amazing train displays.  The lobby has a 20X30 foot Lionel Train layout with a six-foot mountain.  Nine to ten trains are running with hundreds of operating accessories, lighted buildings and cars.

The second layout is at least twice the Lionel layout size, all built by Lyle Dumont.  The museum also houses many restored tractors, a large doll collection, and many other collectibles.  The final stop was at JW’S Foods for ice cream.



High School Trip

On November 10 and 11, the Pathway high school honor roll students took a much anticipated trip to Chicago, Illinois.  They spent a majority of their first day helping make beds and fold towels for the staff at Pacific Garden Mission.

Pacific Garden Mission is the second largest homeless shelter in the United States, and is entirely funded by donations.  The mission feed an average of 70,000 men and women a month and shelters about 1,000 people every night.  All but one of the staff working in this enormous complex was at one time homeless themselves.

Through the love of Jesus, Bible programs, and shelter offered by the mission, the lives of these men and women have been completely changed.  The students were honored to serve and encourage such amazing people.

After working at the mission, the group took a stroll downtown stopping to see sights, take pictures, and eat some Chicago style pizza.

The second day was spent perusing the Museum of Science and Industry.  Highlights were a Maze of Mirrors, a submarine preserved from World War II, and a game which monitored the brain’s stress level with contestants competing to maintain a relaxed mind.

Students agreed that some of the best times were good conversations and unplanned mishaps that often resulted in many bouts of laughter.