Hartzell Spence’s


Dramatized by Anne Coulter Martens

 The rundown parsonage at their new parish comes as a shock – but that’s only the beginning.  Reverend Spence finds the church building coming apart, the congregation split into warring factions and the choir “a cross between the devil’s grandmother and a swarm of mountain wildcats.”  Eileen and Hartzell, his teenage children, are disgusted at having been yanked out of a comfortable parsonage and a fine high school.  But then Hartwell meets pretty Louise, and Eileen is introduced to the football captain.  The humorous complications that result make even more difficulties for Reverend Spence.  His struggle to build a new church, organize a new choir, and crush intolerance leads to a pitched battle among his flock and then the very threat of being dismissed from the clergy.  On the day he is to leave for a conference at which he must defend himself, Reverend Spence has a minor accident that puts him in bed.  At the same time, Hartzell’s personal complications have led him not only to the brink of romantic disaster, but right into the local jail – just when the entire future of the Spence family depends on him!  The surprising conclusion brings down the curtain on an evening that both entertains and lifts the spirit.

Directed by Kristen Centeno, Amber Schwartz

Assisted by Shane Graber

Cast Photo: Courtesy of Amber Schwartz