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Partnering with You

Our mission is to partner with parents to holistically educate our students in a Christ-centered environment.



Student Council

Student-led Chapel



student-led chapel

Student-led chapel is every Tuesday afternoon and is led by a team of three high school students. Chapel often consists of a time of worship, Bible quizzes, or interactive games and activities that pertain to praising God, and a prayer time. For prayer time the students are put into prayer groups, younger students paired with older student leaders and they simply pray together. It’s an opportunity to build relationships within the student body and bring their needs, big or small, to the feet of Jesus.


Students of the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities:

  • Dramas: Thanksgiving or Christmas program and spring dinner theaters
  • Yearbook Staff
  • Pathway Paperboy: a monthly newsletter
  • Student Council
  • Field Trips
  • Athletics: girls volleyball, boys basketball



Editor: Sophia Schwartz

Layout Editor: Asher Stutzman

Assistant Editor: Annika Stutzman

Advisor: Wanda Stutzman


yearbook staff 

Lucas Yutzy, Aravis Swartzentruber, Alissa Hertzler, Alana Gehman, Ryker Miller, Tori Schrock, Stella Gehman, Lorena Helmuth, Logan Stutzman

Yearbook Advisor: Corrie Schlabach & Randall Gingerich (not pictured)

student council

1st semester

President:  Annika Stutzman

Vise President:  Alana Gehman

Secretary:  Stavia Miller

Treasurer:  Asher Stutzman

Members:  Brooklyn Stutzman, Ian Stutzman & Lorena Helmuth